Why was this website created?

We, Macaw, manage a lot of different Sitecore instances with different versions for our customers. A good overview of the Sitecore hotfixes is therefore very valuable to us. Currently Sitecore has a great GitHub page containing all of their hotfixes: https://github.com/SitecoreSupport.

Unfortunately it is hard to list all specific hotfixes per version and finding the hotfix for your specific issue is quite cumbersome. The idea to daily crawl the GitHub page began to rise and was then implemented. A runbook writes the needed JSON data to a private storage account and the data is read using a .net app service. Thus all of the information shown on this website comes from the Github page.

We hope that the application we made will give you a better way to manage and implement the hotfixes you will need for your specific version.

Before applying a hotfix please consult Sitecore Support to validate proper usage.

In case of any feedback/comment, please contact us at the following handles:

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